Do the Work.


Even the magic beanstalk has to be climbed. There is no instant success. Find the path that suits you but the path will always be part of a long work — walking it, clearing it, fighting the monsters than cross it. And the path is often long and winding and testing.



I have found a book printing service that is perfect for independent self-publishing authors. All I have to do (aside form raising the funds to print) is to have an actual finished book. Which is the whole point really.

So once and for all, I sat down and worked on the book. It’s a poetry book. The poems are there, it’s just a matter of sorting and filtering and deciding which to include. The illustrations are there, it’s just a matter of sorting and deciding which to use. But I have been putting it all off because it did not feel like it was going to go anywhere.

I can’t say exactly what changed, but now it feels like there is somewhere to go.

Red Lights


Stifled. Suspended. Delayed. Suppressed. Stopped. Restrained. Cornered.

These were the words that suffocated me on Thursday night. The whole day I had been bracing myself to a version of giving up under the guise of being sensible.

I was at the end of a road.

And then Friday came.


The Elusive Strawberry


A dozen flavours, more than half of which are variations of chocolate, and no strawberry.

This was the disappointment I had to deal with all afternoon as I walked the long lengths of a mall hoping to satisfy a week-old craving for strawberry ice cream. I was in the mall to help out my mom buy a few things and I was promised ice cream. But no strawberry. I finally settled for the McDonald’s version of vanilla soft-serve with strawberry syrup. But it’s not the same. It’s not what I imagined.

Just because everyone else makes a big deal of chocolate. So everything is chocolate.

I am not a chocolate fan. I give away most if not all chocolate gifts that I receive. I like strawberry. And vanilla. But today I am not craving for vanilla (which was available). I want strawberry.

The few shops that did have strawberry were ridiculously expensive for a single scoop – high-priced gelatos or yogurt masquearding as ice cream. No thanks. I want classic good old-fashioned plain strawberry ice cream. Preferably two scoops. Or three.

No luck today.